Our approach:

We view productivity as an entire chain of events – from the point of farming in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL), we’ll intervene to the final product placed before the end consumer.

Who we work with

Value addition of produce
  • Processing of local produce – To enhance shelf life, to open new markets, to increase their nutritional value, to reduce spoilage.
  • Controlled storage- To enhance shelf life, to improve value and mitigate market down turns
  • Market development- Stimulating and creating demand for new products and services and logistics management
Project management, advisory and extension
  • Operations and management of publicly and privately funded agro-processing setups
  • Specialized incubation and training program s for agribusiness
  • Management of projects and consultancies for a fee
Facilitate access to productive use assets for agribusiness
  • Promoting water supply and resource technologies for irrigation and food/feed manufacturing
  • Brokering energy access and efficiency technologies
  • Facilitation of technology promotion and research on climate smart agribusiness
  • Arrange fit-for-purpose financing for entrepreneurs in the nexus