About Us

We seek to drive growth within the agribusiness space by making optimal use of available technologies and expertise to drive the growth of smallholder producers, as well as micro and small enterprises in rural areas across Kenya.

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Our Desired Impact

As a result of the interventions we envision, we hope to see three fundamental improvements in both ASAL areas and the country as a whole: Stable, reliable markets within the agricultural and agroprocessing space.

Increased income and employment opportunities, thanks to enhanced stability. Improved health & nutrition, amongst both farmer families and society as a whole, as a result of increased efficiency in the value chain.   With our work and expertise, Impact Nexus will be doing its part towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. .

Our Solutions

Our Mission

We work with smallholder producers and rural SMEs to transform fresh farm produce into processed products that increase nutrient value and productivity.

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Our Objective

Our goal with all this is to help improve agricultural prosperity, in turn bettering the lives of thousands of smallholder farmers and agroprocessing startups.

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Our Solutions

Our solution is therefore anchored on three key points of action, centered upon building and growing the supply of value-added food.

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In bettering the lives of thousands of farmers in multiple communities ,We'd love to hear & talk with you about things value-addition.

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