Impact Nexus is a Kenyan-based social enterprise focused on building and growing the supply of value-added food for both human and livestock consumption, by closing gaps within the agricultural value chain. We want to help better the lives of thousands of smallholder farmers and agro-processing startups in multiple communities across the country.

Our Mission

Working with smallholder producers and rural SMEs to grow productivity and transform farm produce into processed products that increase nutrient value and quality.

Our Vision

To become a lead venture in supply of value added human and livestock foods, technologies and expertise to drive small-scale manufacturing and growth in rural areas of Kenya.

Our Values

We believe that a society in which families in rural areas have improved livelihoods, and one in which more women are empowered, accomplishing both by enhancing productivity in arid and semi-arid areas.

Our Objective

Our goal with all this is to help improve agricultural prosperity, in turn bettering the lives of thousands of smallholder farmers and agro-processing startups.

The company was registered in 2020 ,The founding directors are :

Norah Magero

Energy Management Specialist.

With education in both mechanical engineering and energy management, Norah is an experienced energy engineer and manager with a passion for renewable and sustainable energy, education, climate action and poverty eradication in Africa. Her knowledge and expertise is proven in her hands-on experience in initiating, development and implementation of community based projects, with a focus on empowering women and youth who live in rural communities to eradicate poverty.

Joshua Kibet

Project Finance and Local Economic Development Specialist.

Joshua is a project finance and local economic development specialist, with a strong finance and social enterprise background, working to channel private and public finance for high-impact investment projects such as access to potable water, improved sanitation, climate change, clean energy, and agribusiness and food security.   Backed by a Masters Degree in Financial Economics, and well over 15 years experience in the field, Joshua brings with him swathes of knowledge in program design, investment preparation and analysis, financial modelling and structuring are excellent; coupled with strong project evaluation and report writing skills, replete with numerous publications around his areas of expertise.

Diana Mulatya

Public Health and Food Security Specialist.

Diana has a wealth of experience in bridging research with practice, providing advisory services in food security and WASH sectors amongst vulnerable and marginalized rural populations in Kenya, and East Africa. She holds two Masters Degrees (Environmental Science, and Public Health), specializing in Health and Environment from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Her experience spans over 10 years working with local and national governments, private sector players, not-for- profit organizations, United Nations agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors, during which she has extensively learnt and gained increasing interest in addressing barriers rooted in the intersection between health and improving socio-economic development. Inspired by her rural upbringing, she believes in championing access to equitable agro-opportunities for small holder farmers living in rural and climatically disadvantaged areas.

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We hope to see three fundamental improvements in both ASAL areas and the country as a whole: Stable, reliable markets within the agricultural and agro-processing space. Increased income and employment opportunities, thanks to enhanced stability. Improved health & nutrition, amongst both farmer families and society as a whole, as a result of increased efficiency in the value chain